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Professional Domination in My life


I'm a lifestyle Domina for more than a decade and I’ve started to offer professional domination sessions a little over an year ago. I thought I’ll collect more interesting experiences this way and I was right. Partially. Because for Me, professional domination proved to be an entirely new world for which I have very mixed feelings. I wanted to write about it for a long time, but an email exchange this morning gave Me the final necessary impulse to do it.

Personal slave position

UPDATE: This position is not available anymore.

I am looking for a personal slave. He must be a highly intelligent and mentally stable gentleman with a healthy sense of humor. I favor alpha personalities, accomplished grown men with an interest in evolving and expanding their interests and knowledge. BDSM wise, I would prefer him to be mostly inclined towards humiliation and pain, without prominent or rigid fetishes. I would like a Londoner, but it’s not a strict requirement if he is able to satisfy My needs and live mostly elsewhere.

Total Power Exchange Utopia

Disregarding the inadequate expression, as it's not about power exchange but rather about power transfer, TPE (total power exchange) represents a version of a D/s rapport in which we are told that the submissive part cedes all its rights to the Dominant part. In the BDSM communities, the distinction between TPE (total power exchange) and EPE (erotic power exchange) it's clearly made and the first one is seen as being not even superior, but the supreme form of a D/s rapport.

Power games

Beyond any fancy and more or less metaphysical definitions (and I heard too many of these), BDSM is about playing. We play in a relatively safe environment with the power we have upon each other. We play by the rules, much more equitable and consensual than people are usually playing with their power in the vanilla world. Because there, the power games are officially taboo, swept under the rug, we pretend they don't exist so we use them on others without any warnings or rules.

Why do I love submissive men

I just read this evening a discution on this topic and I start thinking and tried to put together all the reasons why I like submissive men. In the end, such a beautiful image was created in my mind, that I felt I have to write it down, in plain view, to enjoy it again and again.

First, I have to say that I never suffered of lack of attention from men, regardless their inclinations, both in vanilla world and in the kinky one...