Why do I love submissive men

I just read this evening a discussion on this topic and I start thinking and tried to put together all the reasons why I like submissive men. In the end, such a beautiful image was created in my mind, that I felt I have to write it down, in plain view, to enjoy it again and again.

First, I have to say that I never suffered of lack of attention from men, regardless their inclinations, both in vanilla world and in the kinky one. Even though the general approach is somehow similar – they all try to be well mannered, polite, caring (service-oriented), spirited and so on – the motivation from the back of their attitude is very transparent and one can see from the very beginning the difference between the submissive men and the vanilla or dominant ones. Even if obviously distinct, I’m putting these last two categories together because in the beginning they’re very alike in their “hunter” motivation. All three categories make almost the same gestures, only that the submissive men are obviously oriented to offering, giving, smoothing your way, making themselves useful and likeable, while the others are sustained by their desire to conquer you, to obtain and to charm, their attention being focused almost undissimulated towards their own libido.

Submissive men are continuously concentrated on you, your well-being is the object of their permanent attention. To make themselves useful for you, in any way, from small chores or massage to conversations about ethics or sexual satisfaction, everything is within their reach, because the relationship gravitates and finds meaning around their adored woman. The intimacy level that can be reached it’s extremely profound, because who he serves and supports you in such a way cannot avoid to know about you the most intimate things, the most unsuspected flaws, along with the most beautiful traits and hidden features. Of course, every man who’s in love is theoretically supporting in everything, but the detail that makes an enormous difference is that a submissive man is completely absorbed by his Mistress's needs and emotions, he finds sense and signification living and breathing for her happiness. This creates a connection so deep that is hard or maybe impossible to be created in any other circumstance.

Beyond everyone's preferences and inclinations, in a world in which patriarchy and its rural cousin – machismo are still quite strong on their places, I think submissive men deserve all our admiration, and why not, sometimes even all our love. 


Thank You for that Mistress Lilse, this is indeed a rare read and thought. Quite unusual to read from a dominant woman about the effect that the love and care of a submissive man has on her. And to read that she feels the relation and communication to a submissive man to possibly turn out deeper and more intimate than the one to vanilla/dominant one.
I have to admit though that based on experience, I have some doubts. Is it not that when it comes to lifetime (or at least "longtime") partnerships also a dominant woman will rather want to have that strong, self-conscious, "alpha" "born-leader" man by her side?
Or is it maybe that the ideal partner is the rare blend of both worlds that seem to be totally contradicting at first sight: The submissive servant towards her, the bold, afraid-of nothing, world conquerer towards the rest of the world?

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