Total Power Exchange Utopia

Disregarding the inadequate expression, as it's not about power exchange but rather about power transfer, TPE (total power exchange) represents a version of a D/s rapport in which we are told that the submissive part cedes all its rights to the Dominant part. In the BDSM communities, the distinction between TPE (total power exchange) and EPE (erotic power exchange) it's clearly made and the first one is seen as being not even superior, but the supreme form of a D/s rapport.

It's almost every beginner's dream, as he finds himself in the exuberance of the discovery, to have the chance to experiment a TPE rapport. Some of them, more cautious, choose to dream about a short-term TPE, "a week of TPE, please". This reminds me of a scene from the movie "Strip Search" in which an university professor asks his students: "The government says that it can forever eliminate all world terrorism if you accept to renounce all your rights for a day. Would you do it? " All the students were very happy to consent. Then, the teacher raised the ante to a week, a month, an year. As the stake was rising, more and more students started to refuse it, even if, bottom line, it was the exact same thing. Because if you cede all your rights, there's no need for even a day to pass in order for the one entrusted with this power to exercise his right to your life. 

In my opinion, these "practices" should stay where they belong: in our fantasies. It's confusing and misleading for soft-headed people to always compare their relationships to this unrealistic and dangerous so-claimed "ideal".
Also, it seems that nobody really cares about the fact that this hypothetical type of rapport lacks all of the three elements of the Safe, Sane and Consensual Principle. First, I don't consider the authentic desire to cede all your rights to somebody, or to wish for somebody to do that in your favor, to be a particular proof of one's sanity. It undoubtedly cannot be called a safe practice and as for consensual, it might be so only once, when theoretically by your own will you're surrendering your rights. After that moment, consensuality vanishes as a concept. 

I think is useless to say that I've never seen, heard or read about the existence of such rapport in the real life, with the exception of some phantasmagorical internet "testimonials" or, of course, erotic literature. And I think it's perfect like this. 
However, I would like the TPE ideas to be less present in serious or educational debates. That would probably mean that people will have the courage to live their fantasies more often in real life than in their imagination, thus allowing for this extreme fantasy to take it's natural place and become from an utopia - a dystopia.

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