Overnight sessions

I’ve recently decided to offer overnight sessions at the Hoxton Dungeon.  Not only that the place is the most inspiring for extended sessions with all its different rooms and hundreds of wonderful toys, but it’s the dungeon I feel most relaxed and My dominant creativity expands and evolves to very high levels.

An overnight session is an absolutely unique experience.  Much more intimate than a couple of hours session, it makes you live your submission to a very deep level. You will be My slave from the moment you are entering the Dungeon, you will go to sleep and wake up as My slave, there is no easier way to safely experience true submission than an overnight session. You will be in the rare position of being allowed to serve and please Me  in the most intimate moments like when I’m eating, sleeping, bathing and so on. And the most important: I will have all the time needed to get to know and subdue you, to play extensively with your body and mind without being forced to think about the time, like I am in a short session. 
For My overnight sessions I’m creating a completely personalised schedule, so I can’t describe how a typical night would unfold, because there is no typical night. Some submissives evolve better with soft and sensual dominance, elegant dinner and teasing play, while others need a very firm hand and a cruel treatment in order to feel valued and properly used as My slaves. Of course there are many other nuances in between these examples, each slave has unique needs in order to develop and be able to please Me appropriately. 

An overnight session is not an experience for everyone. I will be even more selective with the privilege of this type of session than I am with My usual sessions. You may apply by writing an email to lilsevonhitte@gmail.com with a relevant description of yourself and explain why do you think I would enjoy an overnight session with you.

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