Winter Holiday - Last days for sessions in 2016

This year was an interesting roller-coaster for most of us. I had many amazing sessions and a couple of disappointments, but overall I’m very happy for all My experiences, for those who brought Me joy and for those who brought Me more insight as well.

I have decided to spend two entire days before Christmas offering sessions at the Hoxton Dungeon. The booking already started and if you want a last fabulous Femdom experience this year, I strongly suggest you to put your name on My list for a session on Monday the 19th or on Thursday the 22nd. These are the only two days I will be available for sessions this year at Hoxton Dungeon. You may apply to book a session on My Contact page.

For those of you with elaborate fantasies and who want to treat themselves with the most memorable Female Supremacy adventure, I will dedicate two overnight sessions this December. See details about overnight sessions on My Blog. You may apply and book one of them by writing Me an email at





Starting this year, I’m interested in visiting more countries than before, while continuing My Femdom lifestyle wherever I am.

I’m considering having an one week holiday in Dubai soon. I’ve never been there and the thought of a wonderful sunny city in which I can also keep My high lifestyle, combined with all the stories from My friends that visited it, definitely raised My interest. You may sponsor My Dubai holiday and you’ll have the opportunity to show Me why is it the best in the Middle East!

I also want to visit Barcelona this year, for at least three days. For this, I will prefer a local submissive or one that at least knows the city rather well.

Therefore, My devotees from around the world who think a trip to their country might be of interest to Me, may offer to sponsor My trip and I would consider it. Write Me an email at describing why do you think I would enjoy your country or city.




February 20th - 27th 2015 - Phuket, Thailand

I had such an amazing time at the Mistress Ezada's Femdom Summer Camp this year, that I'm enthusiastically looking forward for the next  Femdom Winter Camp organised by Our dear friend Mistress Evilyne in Thailand, February 20th-27th 2015. If you want to have a glimpse into Our fabulous experience this summer and to feel a little of the atmosphere in a Femdom Camp, you can browse Mistress Evilyne's gallery and blog post and Mistress Ezada's blog post here and here (with an extended gallery). If you are curious for the males perspective, I recommend you this blog.

This is an absolutely unique lifetime experience! You will live for a whole week in a Female Supremacy World as you have never dreamt it could be possible in the real world. You will slowly sink into subspace by living your fantasy of serving your exquisite Mistress in a luxurious and exotic villa.

I will select only one or maximum two slaves to be a part of this real life fantasy and to serve Me in Thailand. My time and company are priceless, therefore I only expect My slaves to contribute to My travel expenses (plane tickets and accommodation). 

Femdom Summer Camp was a great experience that exceeded by far all Our expectations. I'm certain that the Femdom Winter Camp will be at least the same, an absolutely decadent oasis in your average grey winter. A few of the most amazing international Dominas will be there with their slaves, being served, pampered and worshiped. You will be one of the very few selected to be a part of this unique Femdom event.  That's why I'm thrilled to start the selecting process for the slave(s) who will join Me on this wonderful dream holiday. This is the time to live at last and for real in your Femdom Supremacy fantasy you have never thought possible!

Write Me at and tell Me about you personality, your talents, your interests and why do you want to serve Me at the Femdom Winter Camp 2015. Slaves that I already know or played with are favored.  Willingness to participate as a model in my clips (with a mask) it's a bonus.



November 25th - 30th

I will be in London, enjoying five days at the impressive Dungeon Manor owned by the graceful Mistress EvilyneDuring my stay I will be available for sessions, so make sure you book a Private Session in advance.

I might also need film slaves for one or two days in the same period of time. I will publicly announce if that will be the case, but if you are interested in filming, you can fill out the Contact form.

I will select one slave to accompany and serve me on November 27th at the Club Pedestal. You can apply for this position by writing me a cover letter at describing any relevant skills and previous experience. Verifiable recommendations are welcomed.



September 19th - 26th

I will attend the Femdom Summer Camp 2014 in Algarve, Portugal. Mistress EvilyneMistress Ezada and myself will enjoy a week of Female Supremacy under the Algarve's sun, served and entertained by  our slaves.